In his role as Bishop of the Diocese of Los Angeles, the late Bishop Frederick Borsch had been a longtime advocate of providing space for young adults that would foster personal growth, civic engagement, and vocational discernment. In the midst of social and economic upheaval that was punctuated by tension that would lead to the L.A. Uprisings, Bishop Borsch and Rev. Gary Commins believed the city could greatly benefit from service-minded young leaders.

In 1991, these two visionaries founded the Episcopal Urban Intern Program (EUIP) to answer this call.


Every fall since ‘91, hopeful young leaders have gathered from all over the world to live in intentional community and serve at community-minded organizations in the Greater L.A. area. Now, the program that began as EUIP has evolved into Jubilee Year (JYLA), continuing to empower the over 250 changemakers who have committed to service, community, and justice. For over 30 years, EUIP and JYLA have increased institutional capacity for local agencies, better equipping them to serve their community and live into a vision of Jubilee for L.A.

Through intentional service, community, and justice, JYLA endows young leaders with skills to transform their communities and the world - carrying on the tradition of EUIP and building a brighter future for us all.

Jubilee Year is presently recruiting for its 2022-2023 year of service. If you know an inspired young changemaker who may be interested, send them to: 




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